Monday, January 11, 2010

Training Week Ending 1/10

Training is starting to pick up. I logged 11.5 hours last week. Nothing stellar, but I'm not sitting on the couch getting fat. It included a swim and bike assessment. I'll be doing these throughout the year to monitor my fitness level. The swim session was a set of 5x300's. I averaged just a hair under a 1:11 pace/100yds. The bike assessment was a CP20 test (20min wu, 5 min HARD, 5min easy, 20 min HARD, cool down) on the trainer. Power numbers are decent for this time of year. The 20 minute interval was at a 348w avg. Not my best, but I'm not complaining. Ridinng HARD on the trainer can be brutal. Both are benchmarks to beat in a few weeks.

I have a 5k coming up on the 23rd, so I need to get my run fitness in better shape between now and then. I've never been a FAST 5k runner, but I'm hoping to change that this year ; )

Friday, January 1, 2010

Training and Nutrition Plans offered by Dr. Rick Kattouf

Check out Dr. Kattouf's training and nutrition plans on Training Peaks. There's a plan to suit your training and/or nutrition needs.

Hair of the dog

First day of the year, first race. Ran the Hair of the Dog 10mi run at my YMCA. Ran a 59:58, and yes I did sprint at the finish to get under an hour ; )

The run felt good. In control throughout. Good confidence builder for the season, especially since I have not done any run in the past 6 weeks faster than "easy" pace.

Happy New Year and Good luck to All in 2010.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Looking at 2010, changing Teams!

Well, 2009 is done. I had a good year...didn't finish with a bang, but finished nonetheless. I am already looking forward to 2010. I have my race schedule written in pencil, but I do have my racing goals. I am signed up for Eagleman 70.3 in hopes for a Kona slot. If i don't get the Kona slot, then I'll take a Clearwater slot and give it another go. I am horribly disappointed with the recent weekend in Clearwater, and will not be too disappointed if I miss the Kona slot and get another shot at Clearwater. Something about the 70.3 distance that I really like.

The rest of my racing schedule will include Age Group Nationals, the new Charleston Half Ironman in May, several South Carolina Tri Series races, USAT HalfMax Championships in Myrtle Beach, then the big finale in Clearwater or Kona. Not a bad year!!

I am very excited about my change of teams. I will be racing for Team Kattouf in 2010. Rick Kattouf is owner of Team Kattouf Inc. I am very excited to be a part of Rick's success and hope to help him find more in 2010. Looking forward to it!!

Took a week off after Clearwater, now I'm back n the saddle.

Take Care!

Clearwater 2009 : (


Waiting on our return flight, so here's just a quick report on an exciting weekend in Clearwater. I promised many of you a race report, so here it goes.

What started as hopes and dreams unfortunately ended up in stitches and bandages : )

Let me first say Clearwater is a beautiful venue for a race. Laura and I really enjoyed the site. As usual Ironman is very organized and the service was top notch. No complaints about the execution of this race. It's a World Championship Event, and it felt like it all weekend.

As for the race, it didn't go well. Right before the start I cut my foot on a shell that put a 2cm gash in the bottom of my foot. I tried my best to get it race ready, but it was going to be a problem. I should have went ahead and dropped out and gone to the hospital. I figured we've come this far so let's give it a go.

Swim was ok. They changed to a TT start, one at a time off a dock in the harbor. The ocean was still too rough from the storms that passed several days ago. I had to swim through a ton of people and it slowed me down, but I managed a decent time. As I exited the water, I looked down and noticed the foot was in bad shape. Oh well, I figured it wouldn't bother me on the bike, and I could see how far I could run on it.

The bike was crazy. I literally passed a couple hundred people in the first 10 miles. Was there drafting...yes, lots of it. It didn't bother me b/c the drafters weren't going very fast. I hammered along and spent most of the time yelling "on your left". As bikers finally started to thin out and I could tell I was making it to the "faster" racers, I started to feel good and really hammer. I rode past one more group of riders and had some open air to just put the head down and ride. I was flying and feeling good. I looked down to rest my neck for a second...looked up and there was a traffic cone directly in front of me that was pushed over about 2ft in my lane. Too late to react...BANG...over the bars, onto the pavement. I don't want to give too much detail, but I was unable to get back on the bike. Instead I got a ride to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. Guess, I should have called it a day after the foot incident ; ). Oh well. Nothing broken, but a chipped bone in my elbow and LOTS of road rash...tri suits don't protect you very well.

Ironman drove Laura to the hospital and picked us up afterwards. I got a few stitches in the foot, and the lovely nurse scrubbed the sh#t out of my wounds. I'm confident she got all the gravel out of me. Ouch!!! Morphine in the IV was nice though.

Best news is the bike is good. Broke a pedal, cut the saddle, but no scratches on the frame. The body will heal, but thankfully the bike is not damaged.

I've been escorted in a wheelchair the past 2 days. Laura is the best!! She's taken good care of me. We've enjoyed the rest of our stay, and I'm already thinking of unfinished business here in Clearwater.

So, all in all a very disappointing weekend for the race. My fitness is great, and I feel I prepared really well. I always like to look at the positives, so I am relieved nothing is broken and I'll be healed in a few weeks. It was still a great vacation for us.

Thanks to my training partners (Kat I owe you for the early am swims), Team Go Tri, Studio 7, Rudy Project, and friends. I'm ready for the offseason.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Wow, I seriously need to update this blog.

So far the 2009 season has been good. I've been fortunate to win 2 races and podium at 2 others. Right now I'm training hard for Age Group Nationals at the end of August. I'll post some race reports and pictures soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Full Training Mode

Well, I can tell training is going well...because I'm tired! So far so good on the injury front...knock on wood. I'm continuing my focus on running mileage and things are starting to take shape in the pool. I'll keep you posted...

Train hard!